Get the Lead Out of School Drinking Water

Beginning in the 2023-24 school year and for each subsequent school year, each school shall provide drinking water with a lead concentration level below five (5) parts per billion (ppb) in sufficient amounts to meet the drinking water needs of all students and staff.

On or before January 1, 2024, each school shall:

  • Create an inventory of water outlets used for drinking/cooking

  • Create a plan for testing those outlets for lead and make the plan available to the public

  • Provide access to information about the health effects of lead to the public

Before August 1, 2024, or the first day on which students will be present in the building, whichever is later, each school shall:

  • Perform all testing

  • Make test results and any remediation plans, available on the school's website within two (2) weeks of receiving test results

  • Remove and replace drinking water coolers or outlets determined not to meet the EPA's Lead Contamination Control Act of 1988

  • If testing indicates that the water source is the source of any contamination above the standard, a filter shall be installed at the water inlet into the building and at each water outlet inventoried to ensure standards are met, or provide purified water at each outlet

  • If testing indicates that contamination is caused by internal piping, the school shall install filters at each water outlet inventoried, or provide purified water at each outlet

  • If any plumbing components are replaced to remediate lead contamination, replacement components shall meet standards of 40 CFR 143.12

  • If test results exceed 5 PBB, the school shall 1) contact parents and staff within seven (7) business days with details described in the statute and 2) provide bottled water if there is not enough water to meet drinking water needs of occupants

  • Schools shall submit annual test results to DHSS

On or before August 1, 2024 or the first day on which students will be present in the building, whichever is later, and annually thereafter, the school shall conduct testing on at least 25% of remediated drinking water outlets until all remediated outlets have been tested as recommended by the EPA's 2018 version of the 3Ts program

On the righthand side of this page, the Glenwood R-VIII School District's Get the Lead Out plan and testing results can be found. You will also find resources that provide additional information regarding the health effects of lead to the public. For questions regarding the plan or testing results, please contact Glenwood Superintendent Lucas Brown at or by phone at 417-256-4849.